From the Book "Far Green Island"
by Vagif Samadoghlu

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  1.   My address
  2.   If I die untimely
  3.   I came earlier
  4.   Vessels go out into the sea
  5.   Huge churches in Rome
  6.   If the heaven lives
  7.   A hungry, cruel and hobo wolf
  8.   Why are you barking?
  9.   I heard three kinds of voice
 10.   Tonight is the last one again
 11.   This cloud
 12.   The thunder struck
 13.   This wind
 14.   I won't pick up
 15.   I'll comb my hair
 16.   It has been raining
 17.   Some day you'll fall down
 18.   Today the clouds
 19.   A year will pass
 20.   I might forget
 21.   While I'm alive
 22.   I was a big blue mammoth
 23.   A gallows of this plane tree
 24.   His dark black eyes
 25.   You abandoned me yesterday
 26.   The sea in winter
 27.   Is painted with dust
 28.   In a windy autumn day
 29.   The bell on her door
 30.   Another girl
 31.   That strange and soft tune
 32.   What's the sun?
 33.   See
 34.   Today
 35.   I am running from heat
 36.   Heart full of words
 37.   Please, don't remind me
 38.   Lips that are saying "I love"
 39.   Today they told me
 40.   I neither raised a stone
 41.   To Molla Panah Vagif
 42.   The sky is full of stars
 43.   By someone
 44.   Forget me, forget
 45.   Don't forget
 46.   The gossips of this world
 47.   I'll have a cat
 48.   Turn to the wall
 49.   A buzzing in my brain again
 50.   Like a tired deer's eyes
 51.   Little time left
 52.   They are lying
 53.   I wish it were 1932 now
 54.   I am leaving to come back
 55.   Faded color

 57.   Within a day
 58.   The clouds
 59.   Life
 60.   A lot of trees
 61.   Come on, take me by the hand

Typed by Narges Abadi
Translated into English by Aynur Hajiyeva
Put in the Web by Farida Sadikhova

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