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Autumn 2001 (9.3)

Sociolinguistically Speaking
Invitations ­ "Come to My Wedding?" - Part 11

by Jala Garibova and Betty Blair

Azerbaijanis are famous for their hospitality and are very spontaneous about inviting guests to their homes - even individuals they've met for the first time. In this installment of "Sociolinguistically Speaking," we take a look at the patterns that Azerbaijanis follow in terms of inviting guests to weddings, birthday parties and general get-togethers. For more Azerbaijani customs and speech patterns related to entertaining guests, see "Sociolinguistically Speaking - 7", "Just a Cup of Tea", found at, our Web site that is devoted to the Azeri language.

Actual article has both English and Azeri scripts. That's why we've created it in PDF. Download PDF - Acrobat Reader - free.

"Come to My Wedding?" - Part 11

Jala Garibova holds a doctorate in linguistics and teaches at Western University in Baku. Betty Blair is Editor of Azerbaijan International magazine.

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