Tofig Guliyev

The following are included in the CD of Guliyev's works, entitled "Songs of the Heart" (Urak Mahnilari).

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(1). "Songs of the Heart" (Urak Mahnilari) CD

(2). "Songs of the Heart" Music Scores and Lyrics Book

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  Stork on the Tree
  Evening Meetings
 * Evening Song
 * Wishes
  Let Him Come to Azerbaijan
 * Badamli (name of water spring)
  Our Orchard
  Spring Song
  Baku Song
  I am from Baku
 * Song About Baku
  I Became Lucky
 * Overflow, My Sea
  Don't Miss
  Friendship Song
 * Dear Image
  Early Spring
  Kamil's Song
 * Our Village
 * Sad Song
 * Golden Ring
 * Song of Girls
  Girl's Hands
 * Lyric Song
 * My Nakhchivan
  Oil Worker's Song
 * Your Beauty Won't Last Forever
 * You Are Mine, I am Yours
  The Girl I Love
  Love Waltz
  My Sweetheart
  Song of Joy
 * Wedding Song
 * Come soon
  No, No, No

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