It Has a Place

The streets and blocks have their own place in Baku,
So do the residents of these blocks.
Black streets, forgotten places,
Mistakes, letters, talks that go on in the tea-houses
Black Town puts color to my word
Gunashli and Ahmadli are our neighbors,
Cherment and Garachukhur have their place, too.

The voice of Miri Yusif and Elmir talking to you
Can be heard in the Eighth Kilometer district.
We also lived and grew up in those places.
We're tired of sliding, we want to fly.
We have a place of ours everywhere
My words have to do with all the blocks.
There are other towns in my town
And they have their own place in Baku.

The Inner City - Downtown.
There are gardens around - Bakikhano.
High mountains - Bayil.
Mountaineer kids - Yasamal.
The place warmed by the sun - Gunashli.
They are lots of them -micro-regions.
Delapidated houses - Ahmadli
Everything for sale - Railway Station.

Abdulla Malik greets the nation.
Ganjlik, Ayna Sultanova, Ataturk Avenue.
Montin is neither the ourskirts, nor the downtown.
Shut up whoever bothers us!
Stay where you live, everybody.
But don't forget these words.