Mom, mommy, mom!
How beautiful the meaning is!
Paradise starts from the place she stands at.
Love is an inheritance to the mother from God,
She was singing me cradle songs, and I was sleeping.

I was born and saw those eyes for the first time,
I heard the lullaby and my mom's sweet words.
I didn't understand anything when mom was singing me cradle songs at that time.
Time passed, I grew up and didn't remember all that.
Mother, I did not value you then and I repent of it now.
I am old without my mother, I am young only with her.
You used to get angry because of my bad behavior,
But you loved your baby, always tried to show the best way.
Mom, don't cry, mom, don't reproach, mom.
Because life is strange, meaningless, but
I left you on a cold winter night,
I told you, "I'm leaving." I remember everything.
Now I'm alone in another life,
I need love in my heart so much!
Mom, don't cry, mom, don't reproach, mom.

I bow before you, I beg you,
Mom, give me a hug!
I beseech you!
Dry your tears!
Years pass, your hair turns grey.
Do you recall my childhood?
Mom, my mom,
Embrace me!!!

I left my mother when I was 16.
At 22 I realized that I had destroyed my life.
At last I woke up and understood that I had made a mistake.
Now I give my life to my mother.
Mother is divine, dear, dear and great.
There's no life without her, there is no light.
Oh, time, my mom has gotten old!,
I'm the one to blame for her grey hair.
I'm so sorry now, I hate myself.
Even though I troubled my mom, I loved her.
I love, I will love and will also remember her.
There is always a word in my heart, mom!
Anar said: "You brought me up and opened my eyes to this life.
I'm crying, I'm happy to have my mom's being!"

Mom, don't cry, mom, don't reproach, mom

She was singing me cradle songs,
She was singing me cradle songs,
And I was sleeping.
Translated into English by Farida Aghayeva
Put in the Web by Farida Sadikhova

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