They Have a House

They have a house, ay aman (ah!) of several rooms,
I have been reduced to ashes,
oh, oh, burning and burning.
Your hamlets consist of tribes,
oh, consist of tribes
It's a lie, oh, that one can have enough
of a sweetheart.

The corner of her handkerchief
is in an almond-shaped pattern,
She set me on fire, oh, on fire
They have a house, oh, consisting of several rooms
I have been reduced to ashes,
oh, burning and burning
Her face is a flower, oh, and her lips are cream.
Is it possible, oh, to have enough of a sweetheart?
They have a house, oh,
and there's a boulder in front of their house.
From the CD: "Leyla va Dayirman"
Produced by VVS, 2000
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Translated into English by Gulnar Aydamirova
Put in the Web by Farida Sadikhova

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