Chubby Girls

Here is the world of East and our beautiful Baku girls
The beaches glance in summer
The shining sun and there's no one in town
Everybody rests here both in the evening and in the morning
Also at night the old, the young, girls and boys rest here, too
Even the guests do!
The young dance here
Under the sound of hip-hop and rap
Yeah, yeah Azeri beautifuls
There is somebody more beautiful than they are
And that is they themselves
Some of them, some of them flirt
And carry cell-phones in their hands
And flip their hair on their shoulders
They sun themselves
And look enviously at the Caspian Sea
'Cause other kind of beautiful girls bathe there

Chubby girls - the white, the black
Chubby girls - the white, the black

Who is the charming amazing, gazelle (beautiful)
Who sparkle in all the parties
We said "The mascara of black eyebrow", don't believe it
We said "My yellow bride", don't be deceived
Who smiles with her intriguing smile
At you, us, him, that person, me, you
That gazelle (pretty girl) weights a bit more
It was raining sweets when she was born
Girl, you're pretty, you're looking at here and there
You eat too much, you laugh and go and come
You're so sweet
You're Azeri
You're dear to me, you're round (meaning stout), and you're pretty to me
I wonder if you're ashamed because you're getting fatter
You don't go in for aerobics, you're doing very well
You're fat and you're doing well

Chubby girls the white, the black
Chubby girls the white, the black

Chubby girls are in town everywhere
Even Dayirman loves them
Dayirman is proud of them and greets them with music
Not one but two people stand up
Chubby girls always sit in the subway
During the shopping on week-ends
They have difficulty in buying dresses
In summer in the boulevard among the people
You're ashamed, confused and embarrassed, but at last
It doesn't matter, don't take it close to your heart
Don't watch any diets
Now everybody, ladies and gentlemen together
Everybody get up and together with us

Dayirman in the party, yeah!
Together with you, what?
In the boulevard in winter, yeah!
In a beach during summer, hey!

Chubby girls the white, the black
Chubby girls the white, the black

Baku, Baku, it is east and west
It's a good reason for the chubby
She's a westerner according to her face and an easterner according to her figure
She's different a bit from all the other girls
Our love is to them
Our happiness, our glory, our pride
Millions, millions of people around the world
There are chubby girls at our place
We have white, black and blonde girls
They can say that with pride
They are the most beautiful Chubb's in the world
In the east, west, south and north
You're pretty as you are
May you live a happy life
You're pretty as you are
May you live a happy life!
Translated into English by Gulnar Aydamirova
Put in the Web by Farida Sadikhova

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