Bilberry Eyes
(addressed to a girl whose eyes are as black as bilberry)

I've come to your room to wake you up my bilberry
to wake you up,
What a beautiful creation the Creator has made
by creating you, my bilberry, by creating you.
I'll kidnap you from here, my bilberry, I'll kidnap you.
A rose trembled and tried my patience.
Wipe off your tears, my bilberry, enough, don't cry!

You can walk in the streets of Tabriz, my bilberry,
walk in the streets
If you don't love me, go walk away from me,
my bilberry, away from me
There's no deficit of either girls or boys,
my bilberry, or boys.
I wish I were a tree and stood along the road
to shade your way, my bilberry, shade your way.
From the CD: "Leyla va Dayirman"
Produced by VVS, 2000
Store - Music: CD of Leyla va Dayirman group

Translated into English by Gulnar Aydamirova
Put in the Web by Farida Sadikhova

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