Welcome to Baku, city of winds!
To the land of fire, the shore of the Caspian.
The city wakes up in the morning,
The sun goes up in the sky and shines into the houses.
The moon, the sun, winter and spring,
As if all this is meant only for Baku.
Everyone is attached to some land, so am I,
Because I'm from Baku, I'm a child of this city.

Night loves the morning here,
Sea loves the city here,
The Caspian shore, wavy sea,
This is where our love was created.
(Repeat section four times).

Day passed and evening came,
City became more beautiful in the dark.
Baku nights - youth source.
Its past and future are dear to us.
Baku is not asleep at night, it's always awake.
It's a support for everyone from Baku.

I never get tired of walking in Baku,
The Boulevard in winter, beach in summer,
Everyday I come to Malakan garden,
Everyday I bow to Martyr's Alley.
I pass the narrow streets of the Old City,
It's the memory of the centuries.
It doesn't matter whether it is night,
Evening, afternoon, or morning.
Baku is the most beautiful city in the world.
Me and you, them and us.
One is us is everybody, everybody is one of us.