I'm not in a Hurry (1954)
by Samad Vurghun (1906-1956 )

Father of writers Yusif and Vagif Samadoglu

Hey friends, let's have a drink!
The sky is full of stars, the weather is cool.
I didn't say, let's get drunk.
Let's warm ourselves up
In the cozy embrace of memories
Let the night last longer so the morning comes late,
Let friends not fall asleep
Who would get bored with my talk
I still have so much to say,
To the world, to mankind
Let's stretch every second,
Don't let time fly away unnoticed.
On this night with its full moon
In the foothills of these mountains,
By this master storyteller spring,
At this moment,
At this second
I hurry
To nowhere, to no place!

My beloved, put your arms around my neck!
Don't say I'm old, exhausted.
I haven't lived my life to its fullest yet.
Come, let's walk around the world, arm in arm!
If the wandering sail of my thoughts
Tosses me from sea to sea,
Don't be afraid! Say with courage, "Good luck!"
Come, let's walk around the world, arm in arm.
Pass through the seas and rivers quickly.
Don't be afraid of the thunder with lightening in the sky,
May your horse never be galloped to death
Either by joy or by grief,
I hurry to no nowhere, to no place!

Hey you, my hunter friend,
Let's cross over these mountains slowly.
In this green meadow by the river
Let's stroll a bit, walk slowly.
The tulips and basil will be offended
And drop their leaves one by one
If I don't greet each flower separately,
And welcome their reply.
I do not pass as the wind,
I hurry to nowhere, to no place.

Let the clouds move slower over my head,
And the river slow down along its riverbed.
Let me watch each drop as long as I want,
Superficiality doesn't move the heart,
What use is passionate lust that lasts just a second?

Don't think that I've became sullen,
That I'm a bird with a broken wing,
Let the world grow bigger, and time lose its essence,
Let the sun shine for months in a single day,
Spreading its brilliant light.
Hey pen, in my hand,
Don't be in a hurry to finish up the book of life.
I'm not in a hurry,
I'm not in a hurry!

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