Do Not Bend
by Samad Vurghun (1906-1956 )

Father of writers Yusif and Vagif Samadoglu

O life! At times it's smirched with mire and dirt,
But see, life's stage a thousand curtains knows
When you, young man, in difficult times are hurt,
Then bless the manliness which in you grows.

O Time! It may be pitiless, or sad,
And now and it brutally shakes the earth.
If Time intends to annihilate you, my lad,
Go boldly forward, and fight for all you're worth.

O Boldness! Every moment it must imbue.
Without it, life would perish, that's my belief.
And you, who've come to know my words are true,
As a man, a son of man, control your grief.

Now what I wished to say, I cry aloud:
Aspire to wide horizons, to highest skies!
Don't think, young man, that life's a rosy cloud,
And do not bend, no, not in any wise!

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