A Journey into the Future
by Rasul Reza (1910-1981 )

Tomorrow's window I opened wide
And there I saw the people stride
In months ahead,
In years ahead.
Bridges of border poles
Were thrown
Across the seas,
Across the rivers
And roads were paved with prison stones
To link the village
And the cities.
I saw the people
Passing by
Were white people,
Black people,
Yellow people too.
I was in their midst
And so were you
Wholly believing in today,
Hopefully waiting for tomorrow.
"Brothers!" a thousand voices cried.
We talked and talked and talked and talked
Without interpreters, at our ease,

Keeping our faith in tomorrow alive.
People I know and do not know,
My sons and daughters, father and mother!
Without faith
Can man survive?

Translated by Peter Tempest from Soviet Literature, edited by Savva Dangulov, Vol. 9 (1978), an issue devoted entirely to the literature and arts of Soviet Azerbaijan.

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