An Ordinary Man
by Fikrat Goja (born 1935)

I am not a gulp of water to be drunk:
I am not a road to be walked upon without ceasing.
It's true, I'm just an ordinary man,
I'm not as great as you to become smaller.
It is greatness itself to just be an ordinary man, my brother!
It is a heavy burden to carry this name
For an entire lifetime.
I have my own family,
My own children,
My own bread, my own life,
My own generation,
My own house,
My own name.
I have a good neighbor
And I have a bad one, too.
I have both friends and enemies!
(Whether it is right or wrong)
I have my own self!
I am an ordinary man
Neither great, nor small.
It's a heavy burden itself just to be an ordinary man.
I have both an open door,
And an open heart for my friends,
I always have bread and salt* on my table.
I am ready to meet death as a real man.
I am ready to struggle and fight for it.
But I can't meet death grain-by-grain, drop-by-drop.
I can't greet my enemy with a smile.
I am not a diplomat;
I'm just an ordinary man
I should be given credit if
I can hold onto this name until the end.

* "Bread and salt" means that he is always ready to extend hospitality to his friends.

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