No Address
by Fikrat Goja (born 1935)

I'm living without an address
Like the sun and the heavens.
I'm living without an address
From day until night.
My address is green fields and forests,
The violets are waiting for me, bending their
I write my address on the rocks and mountains
With my footprints.
I sing a song
Whispering it in the endless green fields,
With the waves in the lakes
And with the springs in valleys.
Just a street,
Just a room.
No, I don't need such an address.
Clouds are my companions,
The wind is my address.
Wherever there's a flower is my address.
In a word, I've chosen this world as my address.
I'm living without an address
Like the sun and heavens.
From day until night.
The Caucasus mountains are a pillow under
my head
At night,
And the gray clouds are my blankets.
I love this way of living so much!

Translated by Aynur Hajiyeva

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