by Fikrat Goja (born 1935)

Tell me, would there be a bonfire,
If there were no flame?
Would the forge be lit,
If there were no bellows?
They say a precious stone doesn't lose its value,
Even if it falls on the ground.
But if no one picks it up,
It will be trampled under foot.
Wouldn't the dagger become rusty
Without its sheath?
Has it ever snowed or stormed without clouds?
Perhaps God became invisible,
Because someone made Him thus.
Look at the water, the trees, people,
Would life exist without the Sun?
Isn't a walking stick helpful to an old man
Who cannot walk because of age.
Let no one shirk from responsibility,
All of us need each other.
Better not to call a person a man,
Who doesn't help others in need.
Fortunately, There is a Future

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