Fortunately, There is a Future
by Fikrat Goja (born 1935)

Fortunately, people pass away,
Fortunately, people are born,
If the world belonged only to one generation,
Then the roads of the world would be much shorter.

From the beginning, winter is winter
And spring is spring.
Time moves in cycles.
The fish have always lived
Beneath the feet of human beings,
And the birds above them.

The air on the earth's surface
And the water under the soil
Restore the land and give it back to the people.
You don't know
Whether a human being turns into soil,
Or the soil turns into a human being.

There's no use of your knowing this,
Life takes back everything it gives.
What is left in the soil
Is what is left from people,
If they themselves don't destroy what is left.

The past always consoles itself with the past,
Time circles, ways become longer.
The future has always been bright.
Fortunately, the world has a future.

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