Baghdad Donkey
by Betty Blair

From Azerbaijan International, Spring 2004 (AI 12.1)
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(Summer 2003, reflecting on the chaos resulting from the U.S. bombardment of Iraq in life and in world media).

Hey you, donkey,
Wearing blinders
On a hot, dusty Baghdad road,
Trudging along in the midst of traffic jams.

Temperatures soar,
Tempers flare,
The air is filled with cursing, obscenities, damnations,
Confusion, anger, hatred, blame.
No electricity,
No traffic lights to impose order,
No authority to sort out the mess.

I want to be like you,
Donkey wearing blinders,
Blocking out the world's chaos
On the left and on the right.
Let me just plod along,
Destination-straight ahead.
I have a load to deliver.

Make way,
Donkey, wearing blinders
On a hot, dusty Baghdad road in June.

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