Why are you barking?
Who are you barking at?
People are passing by you
But you are barking
at this world
from everywhere.
Perhaps, you remember
the wholves that
tore your grandpa into pieces, ha?
So what...
Who can survive after wolf's attack?
Why are you barking?
Whom do you see with your eyes
which are as red as the setting sun?
Don't bark!
The world is big.
Who'll understand what you are saying?
Who'll get to know you?
You are not lying,
Or your barkings would
have passed from mouth to mouth.
How to explain you...
Don't bark,
my dear!
You won't find anything to bite
or to bark at in this city.
Keep your silence just for awhile.
We'll see
what the end of this beginning will be,
If there's necessity we'll even bark
You, by yourself,
Me, by myself...

Page 20. 1963


From the Book "Far Green Island"
by Vagif Samadoghlu

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