The Sky Cannot Hold a Stone
by Ramiz Rovshan (born 1946)

Hey guy, throwing stones up in the sky
The sky cannot hold a stone!
My son, what happened to your head?
Who cut your hair?
Who gave you this funny look?

Hey guy, throwing stones up in the sky
Your pants and jacket are bigger than you,
The sky is wider than your eyes.

Feeling pity for you,
The sky will hold the stones for awhile.
Keeping the stones in its hand,
The sky will test you for years.
The sky will keep those stones,
Until hair grows back on your head,
Until your clear eyes become blurry.

You will eat what you have,
You will wear what you have,
You will grow up, my son.
Your eyes will become larger as you grow,
The tears will grow in your eyes.
Your hands will grow bigger, as you grow
The stones will grow bigger,
Which you have thrown up in the sky.

If fate smiles at you,
If your death is a little late.
If you could build up a fence or a house,
From those stones on Earth.

If your life lasts as a rainbow,
You will get a bit of each color.
When your grave is dug on Earth,
Maybe the gravestone will come down from the sky.

Hey guy, throwing stones up in the sky
The sky doesn't hold a stone.

Translated by Aynura Huseinova

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