With What Fury This Bird Sings (1999)
by Ramiz Rovshan (born 1946)

With what fury this bird sings.
It sounds more like a curse than a song,
It almost seems to bark,
It's half bird, half dog.

There is no bird on earth,
That understands the language of this bird.
The dogs bark back
At the voice of this barking bird.

What rage, what fury, this bird conveys,
It bears malice towards the wolf.
Why to blame it for barking,
Maybe its life is as miserable as that of a dog's.

Bark, even though you're a bird;
Fly, even though you're a dog,
Who cares in this country
Where dogs survive by licking boots,
And birds bark like dogs.

Translated by Aynura Huseinova

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