How Can I Forget You...
by Mammad Araz (born 1933)

Look, the house seems so empty,
My everything is gone with you.
Not only my heart and soul,
But the sense of comfort and sleep have also left me.

The only way to rest for a second,
Is to get you out of my mind.
But why, just like grass and water -
Why are you everywhere I look?

When I venture as a traveler,
You turn into endless grassland,
When I try to forget you at night -
You turn into night itself,
During the day - you become light itself.

When I climb the mountains,
The thunder reminds me of you,
As does the wind, blowing my hair.
Maybe we are two different saz
*, with the same strings,
You, blood; me, heart - so inseparable.

Brighten my heart for a moment,
Don't be so cruel to me!
There is no way for me to forget you,
I would have to forget myself forever!
To give up on to you,
I would have to give up on myself - forever!

*Saz is a traditional stringed instrument upon which minstrels improvise folk songs and legends.

Translated by Aynura Huseinova

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