Both As A Woman and Like God
by Vagif Bayatly Oner (born 1948)

Again, again in the world
Even if everything changes,
The way men die
will remain unchanged.
Eyes will again render a verdict,
Women's glances will again take men's lives,
Even if God does not forgive,
All unforgivable sins of men
Will be forgiven by women.

Seeing how a human being
Forgives sins,
The heavens will also smile,
And as God's response to this,
God himself will forgive
all his lamb-like creatures at once.

Both as a woman and like God,
Every woman thinks
Every day and every moment,
Without even knowing herself,
That she is both a woman and God.
She listens to confessions
as a woman,
But she forgives them
Like God.

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