Let's Dance From Birth to Death
by Vagif Bayatly Oner (born 1948)

Let's dance,
Two-by-two! One-by-one!
Let's dance,
From birth to death!

Let's dance
Even when in tears,
With no stop and interruption,
From under our feet
Let the rhythm move
Back and forth.

Let's dance,
Raise the old man from his coffin.
I can see from his shroud
How he moves his arms and legs,
He is unwilling yet
To make his way to his grave,
Raise him to his last life dance,
As well as his first death dance.

Also raise the baby from its cot
I can see in its eyes
It's his music being played.
Rise, baby, rise! Let's dance
Arm-in-arm, hand-in-hand with everyone!
Be forbidden from now on
Kiss of lips and kiss of cheeks,
Let the names of lovers
Kiss each other,
Let the wings of garments,
The tunes of feet flying high,
And the breath of fingers
Swinging light,
Kiss one another.
All dancing
Face-to-face, eye-to-eye,
Let's cross beyond countries
And over the seas, all dancing,
Let's go beyond this world
and cross the universe.

And also, in the heavens
Hand-in-hand, arm-in-arm forever!
Look how both angels and devils
are moving,
Dancing side-by-side,
and together with the stars,
God is also applauding you.

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