Two Loves (1953)
by Ali Karim (1931-1969 )

Beautiful lady, you are pure water,
You are the dream of two hearts.
I love you,
As desperately dry lips, burned from thirst
Love a drop of water.
But he loves you,
As one who says:
"A glass of water wouldn't be bad after kabab."
Beautiful lady, you are light,
You are the beauty of my country.

I love you as an eye,
Desperately longing for a glimmer of light in darkness,
But he loves you,
As an attraction,
Which is created with light at gatherings, weddings.

Speak up, let you voice rise,
Never let your voice fade away.
Because I love you as an echo,
As sound,
As strength,
Which comes from Baku, from Dashkasan*.
Why to hide from you
That he loves you
As a sorrowful silence in some dark corner of a room.
This is me, this is you, that's him,
Tell us what you think!
But pay close attention to these two loves,
I have no more words to say,
Period, period and period.

Translated by Aynura Huseinova and Ulviyya Mammadova.

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