Scientific Tales
Water and Camel's Needle

by Farid Alakbarov

There grew a Camel's Needle in a dry, sandy desert. He suffered from thirst greatly and wanted to drink water. But he couldn't find any in a dry soil of the desert. Other plants, the friends of the Camel's Needle, lived in damp and watery places. Some of them settled in gardens and orchards, some in humid forests and some near rivers and lakes. These herbs and trees didn't suffer from thirst. They had a lot of water to drink.
­ How lucky they are! ­ thought the Camel's Needle. ­ They live under the hot Sun, near water. They are friends both with the Sun and Water. And I am left alone in a dry desert. Even my green leaves have dried and turned into needles. And I've become yellow. Because I don't have legs to go to get water. And I don't have hands to reach out for water. And I don't have friends to help me.

At this moment as if someone read the Camel's Needle's thoughts and said:
­ Don't complain about your destiny in vain. You yourself should help you.
The Camel' Needle was surprised:
­ Who is talking? I don't see anybody.
­ And you won't be able to see me, because I am very deep in the sand.
­ Who are you? And why are you hiding in the soil?
­ I am Water. Right, plain water. I was afraid of sunshine and that's why hid in the soil. If I came out, I would evaporate immediately. Then all the plants in the desert would suffer from thirst.
­ But I am suffering right now as well,­said the Camel's Needle. ­ Don't you see that my whole body has dried?
­ Yes, I do. But I'll tell you once again ­ your life is in your own hands.
­ Then please explain, what I should to rescue myself?
­ Give me your hand, - said the Water.
­ How can I give you my hand? I have neither hands nor legs­said the Camel's Needle in astonishment.
­Then stretch your roots, ­ replied the Water. ­ I've hidden very deep in the sand.

It was true, the Water did hide very deep. The Camel's Needle kept trying hard and still couldn't reach it. But he didn't lose his hope, because he was stubborn and hardworking. Those who are stubborn and hardworking always achieve success. And the Camel's Needle reached his goal. It took him a week to look for the Water. And on the last day of the week he finally found it.

Camel's Needle was very happy and started drinking water with a great pleasure. The Water was as cold as ice, because it was very deep.

From that day on the Water and the Camel's Needle have been friends. Their friendship is strong, because they have worked very hard to find each other. Other plants are also friends with Water and stretch their roots towards it. Scientists call this friendship Water Tropism.

Translated into English by Arzu Aghayeva
Web design: Farida Sadikhova

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