Scientific Tales
The Sun and the Sunflower

by Farid Alakbarov

Once there grew a Sunflower on a green meadow. It was a very beautiful plant. But it didn't have friends and that's why was very lonely. Once the Sunflower looked at the Sun and said:
­ Hey Sun, let's be friends!
The Sun agreed and said:
­ Dear Sunflower, I am not only your friend but also a friend of all the plants. If I don't rise early in the morning, go high up to the sky and spread my rays all over the world, then all the plants will fade and perish. If you wish, I can be even a closer friend with you.

From that day on the Sun and the Sunflower became friends. Whenever golden sunrays showed up in the sky, the Sunflower would turn its neck and hold up its face to the Sun. They would chat sweetly looking at each other. And wherever the Sun went, the Sunflower would turn its head to that direction.

Some other plants heard of the friendship between the Sun and the Sunflower and wanted to be friends with the Sun as well. Within one day the Sun got so many friends that it would be impossible to name them all. Most of the trees and other plants turned their leaves to the Sun. And they rested under its rays, enjoying the sunshine.

And they have loved the Sun and its light ever since. They always hold up their faces to the Sun and turn to the sunlit side. Scientists call it Light Tropism.
But plants love not only the Sun, but also the Water. Now listen to the tale about the friendship between the Water and the Camel's Needle.

Translated into English by Arzu Aghayeva
Web design: Farida Sadikhova

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