Scientific Tales
Magic Paint

by Farid Alakbarov

In very, very olden times all the plants living on the Earth were small, colorless and weak. They couldn't find anything to eat and were starving. After having looked for a solution for a long time they asked the Sun for help, stretching their dry twigs out to the heaven.
­ Oh Sun, please help us! ­ they begged.
The Sun thought a little and then agreed.
­ Alright, ­ said the Sun. ­ Let it be as you say. I'll give you a green magic paint called Chlorophyll. Those who will posses this magic Chlorophyll will be able to prepare the world's most delicious meals of water and air with the help of my hot rays. And now take my gift!-said the Sun and uttered some magic words and immediately all the plants got filled with Chlorophyll and became green.
- Thank you, the Sun ­ said the plants.
­ You are welcome ­ replied the Sun. - But you must know, that I also have one condition to put before you: you must clean the air, so that your animal friends would breathe easily. With the help of magic chlorophyll you'll make the air clean and limpid. If the air isn't clean, then all the animals would suffocate. That's why you must clean the air for your animal friends.

Most of the plants agreed with this condition and started to clean the air. In a short period of time the air became clean and clear like a diamond. And the Sun didn't leave it unanswered. It presented the plants with the ability to grow, blossom and bear fruits. Some of those plants became thick-stemmed oaks and pine-trees, others became thin and delicate birches or stately plane-trees growing up to the blue sky. The animals could breathe freely and the world became much more beautiful. And it all owing to the Sun.

But some plants didn't want to obey the Sun and clean the air.
­ We have other things to do! ­ they said. Let others clean the air. We'll bathe in the sunshine, grow and enjoy ourselves instead!
When hearing this the Sun got very angry:
­ So, this is what you are going to do?! ­ he said. ­ In that case I'll take back the magic power that I have given to you. From now on you'll remain small, weak and powerless forever.

And the Sun deprived them of the magic Chlorophyll. These lazy plants are still alive. We call them MUSHROOMS. Even though they look like plants, trees and herbs don't consider them their relatives. "You, mushrooms, are lazy and selfish, ­ say plants. ­ That's why the Sun deprived you of the magic Chlorophyll. That's why you are not as green as we are and you can't prepare meals of plain water and air for yourself. Animals are also disappointed at you. Because you don't clean the air for them!"

Now mushrooms regret not having obeyed the Sun. My friend, try not to take after mushrooms, don't be lazy. If you want to be loved, then be good to your friends, give them a helping hand.

Translated into English by Arzu Aghayeva
Web design: Farida Sadikhova

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